Fencing…. Oh my word

These nosey cows had such great entertainment while we were cleaning out the fence line. We have a wonderful opportunity to work with another couple of large animals and we just can’t wait. In preparation, we are cleaning out the fence line to block off about 15 acres. This process has been much harder than anticipated. I thought that we would just need to do a repair here and there… Batman had other ideas. Total clean out and get it done right. I hate to admit it…. he was right.

The farm truck actually started looking like a farm truck while we were working. (The Busch cans were in the trailer attached to my lawn mower. Only the best around the farm!) It’s funny that we have two sizes of picket pounders…. one my size and the mother of all picket pounders for the ultimate strength of Batman. Dang that thing is heavy!!!

It’s a slow process when you have an old fence that you have to replace. We were hoping we would just need to clean out the line and replace the top barbed wire…. nope! The fencing on the lower half was so bad with rust that the wire broke in our hands. It definately needs to go. I have to say, I’m glad we are doing it this way because it looks simply amazing.

There are some instances that could have been dangerous but Batman had it all under control. Climbing on ladders or up in the trees to get the trees cut in the right way to fall…. well, that’s why women live longer. Just saying!

It doesn’t help that we started working on this project during the winter months. We got lucky with our first weekend. It was dry and unusually warm for January. Second weekend…. not so lucky as it’s cold, windy, and it’s started to snow. Gave Batman the weekend to work inside instead. I know, I’m such a nice person.

What I love about this work… the beauty surrounding us on our land. The ducks flew over my head and skid into the water with a trail of ripples flowing behind them. Those birds were interested in what we (the dogs and me) were doing around the pond. I still have not found their nests! Argh!

My challenge to you… find some fun and beauty while working hard… I promise it makes things easier. 🖤