Oh the possibilities 

Living in the middle of a long term farm house renovation… well, that just amazing fun!  AMAZINGLY FUN TIMES! The best part is… it’s our farm house and we can make all the changes we want.   😃 

We started with transforming the downstairs master bedroom into the bar,  we painted and replaced the floor. The bar looks awesome and I’m so excited to move forward with plans.  The room will have a custome bar and eventually an entrance to the outside.  All in good time… 

During the move of the bar, parts of the rest of the house come into play…. the living room, dining room and hall should have the same floor…. but we found the the living room has 3 types of floor as we pulled carpet.  This makes for difficult decisions… what to do, what to do???  Seems we will end up pulling the old hard wood to repurpise it in the house… this makes the renovation more expensive but more awesome.  Way more awesome.   

Fun stuff ahead…. Living in the house while renovating is a joy………….. thats sarcasm in my voice.  But seriously. We are enjoying making this our home and doing the work ourselves.  It’s rewarding to be able to do this.

Batman may never allow me to watch another home improvement show in the near future…. but I can always Google and YouTube ideas for the next chapter of the house.

Inspiration has hit and it’s amazing. 


The Bacon Journey

Never would I have thought I would be taking pigs to the slaughter house.  Sure, I love bacon and sausage but I didn’t think I would be raising my own.  It’s been just one more farm adventure.  What have I learned on this adventure?

It’s best when the wind doesn’t blow towards the house!  All poop stinks, but pig farming stinks big time… that’s for sure.  

Pigs have a mind of their own.  They go where they want and it’s very hard to get a 300 pound animal to do as told.  When it’s time to get in a trailer to go for “The Ride” it’s best to entice them with slop – The Last Supper.  Our pigs get the best slop from a friend of ours that owns a restraint in town.  #Nonaskitchen.  Just throw it right into the trailer… as soon as they smell it they will go right in. 

These big creatures are like dogs.  They love to play in the rain,  run through mud puddles, shake when your standing right next to them, and eat all the grub you will give them.  They love being rubbed behind the ears and sprayed with a hose. They fight like siblings, speak in grunts (like a teenager), and show excitement to the special blue bucket (the Nona’s Bucket). 

They are not pets – they are food.  It’s best not to get attached to these cuties. If you name them, do what I do and name them food names… Bacon, Chops, Sausage, and Ribs. We do what we do to provide healthy food without additives to the meat.  

A step closer to a self sufficient farming lifestyle.