Going it alone…

Nope, don’t want to do that again.   If I can help it, I will not have to go more than a month without a backup when Batman has to travel.  In the last six weeks, Batman was gone five. It was not pretty around here.  There is a saying with military spouses that things only go wrong when the Soldier is away… that applies to farming as well.  

Feed is heavy…. and it’s heavier alone.  Most of the time Batman picks up two bags while I’m working on one bag.  Oh, and picking up feed in heels as you have to go straight from work, well that just makes the guy at the local feed store chuckle. 

When one rabbit finds a whole in the house, well they come out in droves.  I know I collected nine one day and there were more still out running around.  Actually, we caught one today that got out three weeks ago.  They may be making friends with the wild rabbits.  Unfortunately,  some who have come back did not fair so well in the woods with the others. 

Sometimes the dogs needs extra attention due to exploration… before work of course… and needs a bath after a skunk spray.  We are still getting rid of the smell on him and in the house.  Yuck!   I went to work and asked my coworker if I smelled bad and he looked at me funny.  Guess I was ok because he wouldn’t have waited to tell me. 

A kitten decided the coop was a great place to grow up.  So Mr Cooper will remain on the farm and work with the girls once he’s big enough.  I’m sure glad I looked behind the big turkey to find him. He’s one of the family now.  

Last, but certainly not least, in my adventure alone was a phone call from my BFF that her hubby passed away.  It’s hard to get that news but harder when Batman is gone.   I was happy to have him home to go with me to the memorial to celebrate Jack with our Coke.  Jack would have loved the farm. 💖