What do you turn to when you need to find comfort?  Some people have comfort food (mac and cheese for me).  Some people have a special person or two that know when to listen and when to make you laugh (My sister always said that my youngest son always made her feel better after chatting on the phone… He was a funny kid).  Many people like me find comfort in their animals.  

Pets can tell when a person isn’t feeling well.  Zip knew Batman wasn’t feeling well when he spotted him laying on the couch bundled in blankets.  He never left his side after that… from the bed to the couch and even into the bathroom.  Zip just knew that he was going to make Batman feel better. [He was rescued from an abusive situation.]

My little man Max was the same with me after I injured my eye a couple weeks back.  I had to sit in the Batcave in the dark because the light hurt too much.  Last weekend when I traveled with the hoodlums to KY to take them home and to college, Max was my traveling companion.  He is my comfort dog. [He was adopted from a local shelter… My first foster fail.]

One of the reasons that we foster dogs is to give them comfort.  This summer we had the pleasure of fostering three puppies.  Thank goodness the college kid was home because he was the foster parent and he did a wonderful job.  It was comforting to see these puppies find furever homes (and for me to see him take on the responsibility of these little ones… I think he did awesome). 

One very strange thing I find comfort in is the lizard that I’m babysitting for a special Soldier in our family.  I’ve never own a reptile and never really liked them till this little guy, Sherman.  The Shermanator! I send pictures to his mommy who is serving our country and pray that I learned enough from the purchased book and online research to take great care of him.  He’s pretty cool.  I just add crickets to my list. 💖

All and all, I find comfort, happiness, and contentment in all of my animals.  The growing flock, the stinky pigs, and the escape artist rabbits… they are a lot of work,  but so worth it!  If I went back in time and told the younger me just how fulfilling this farm life would be… I would have laughed, hard.  I didn’t know until now that this is exactly where I need to be.  Batman was right about this. 

 I hope you know where to find comfort and how to return the favor. 💗