There are always things that need to be done on the farm.  Feeding, watering, cleaning, mowing, clearing land… but when projects are completed, that makes for a prosperous weekend.  The feeling of completion is awesome.  We have a tendency to have multiple projects going at the same time. 

Saturday was fun as we created a shelter for the little pigs and their food.  I wasn’t sure if the piggies would enjoy it as much as I wanted them to but they took to the straw and I found them looking like Vienna Sausages in a straw box.  (Yep, their feed bowl is a turtle sandbox.)

Saturday also brought the addition of perches in the outside coop. Batman said that he’s never seen birds that want to hang in the outside coop instead of the inside perches.   My flock likes to chill under the stars.  💖  (Just like me)  we have had to catch several and get them into the coop… not after this…. They all had plenty of room. 

Sunday, we found ourselves creating a shelter for the ducks that have joined the Overman Farm.  Larry, Curly, and Moe have been a comedy act since they joined us.   They quack and carry on every time I see them… almost as if they are girls.  They swim the day away and play fight in the water.   Watching them brings much joy.  

Don’t worry y’all… we make time for fun too.  Batman went fishing this morning while I was at the shelter and I was able to get my Half Pint on a leash…. we didn’t walk far and she squealed like crazy while I put the harness on, but when I sat with her and petted her ears she was happy to chill in my lap.  Work is necessary, but when work doesn’t feel like work that makes life amazingly awesome.  


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