There are always things that need to be done on the farm.  Feeding, watering, cleaning, mowing, clearing land… but when projects are completed, that makes for a prosperous weekend.  The feeling of completion is awesome.  We have a tendency to have multiple projects going at the same time. 

Saturday was fun as we created a shelter for the little pigs and their food.  I wasn’t sure if the piggies would enjoy it as much as I wanted them to but they took to the straw and I found them looking like Vienna Sausages in a straw box.  (Yep, their feed bowl is a turtle sandbox.)

Saturday also brought the addition of perches in the outside coop. Batman said that he’s never seen birds that want to hang in the outside coop instead of the inside perches.   My flock likes to chill under the stars.  💖  (Just like me)  we have had to catch several and get them into the coop… not after this…. They all had plenty of room. 

Sunday, we found ourselves creating a shelter for the ducks that have joined the Overman Farm.  Larry, Curly, and Moe have been a comedy act since they joined us.   They quack and carry on every time I see them… almost as if they are girls.  They swim the day away and play fight in the water.   Watching them brings much joy.  

Don’t worry y’all… we make time for fun too.  Batman went fishing this morning while I was at the shelter and I was able to get my Half Pint on a leash…. we didn’t walk far and she squealed like crazy while I put the harness on, but when I sat with her and petted her ears she was happy to chill in my lap.  Work is necessary, but when work doesn’t feel like work that makes life amazingly awesome.  



I have been asked so many times: “Why do you have so many birds?”  Because they make me HAPPY. Batman has been asked why he “lets” me get so many birds.  #1… lets me… really? Come on now.  #2… He always answers the same thing… “because it makes her HAPPY.”  (Big smiles on my face every time!)

Yes, it is a lot of work to keep up with a flock of 100.  (That was my magic number and I achieved that crazy goal.)  I really don’t mind raking the chicken coop.  The poo and straw makes for a nice addition to our compost pile.  There are times that I wish they would sleep in instead of singing the songs of their kind so early in the morning.  It is not long after I crawl out of bed just to watch them in the yard. (Thankful to Batman for opening the coop every morning to give me another 20 minutes to sleep… because I am NOT an early bird!)

There are times that have a broody hen and I get pecked on the hand just getting eggs from her.  Maybe one day I’ll be nice and let them hatch the babies instead of incubating.  Once all of my girls are laying, I’ll think more on that.  Until then, I need the girls to lay eggs to keep up with requests from the ladies at work. 😉 (working girls!)  Its slowed sown now that some of my girls are molting and it so darn hot right now.  I kind of don’t blame them… Its too flipping hot to poop breakfast when it in the 100’s.

My newest adventure is in water fowl and I’m in love!  These guys needed a new home because they were fighting over the girls in their last flock.  They have come to the farm with no other ducks… I’m sure they are missing the ladies.  🦆  I love watching them.  When they wiggle their butts it makes me smile and sometimes I wiggle mine right back.  💗  Looking forward to ordering duck babies next year…. I’ve never eaten duck eggs before.

I can’t explain it really… but when I come home and break out the treats in the blue bucket they come running and I start giggling.  Early mornings and late nights, sun or rain, heat or cold…. I’m so excited to start plans for The Bird House that will be built in the spring.  Its going to be EPIC!  I’ll not be the only one happy… spoiled birds! 💗🐓🦆🦃🐤💗


Farmcation  (farm-vacation)

Today ends my farmcation.  It has been an amazing vacation from my day job.  I spent time helping others with projects, volunteering at the local shelter, working on the farm, and great laughs with friends and family.  No traveling other than locally.  It was a true “farm hair, don’t care” atmosphere around here.  My shirts didn’t always match my shorts/pants and I didn’t need to worry with makeup at all (which I think I’m going to keep that going).  

On my last day, I worked with my young birds.  Today was the first time they were released from the runs to play with the big birds.   So much fun watching them walk into new territory and fulfill an adventure into adulthood. 

Few of the rabbits found a new home with a wonderful couple who just lost a companion rabbit to old age.  These folks will find such love in the girls that they chose.  They only came to pick up two babies but couldn’t decide and left with three.  Two have been named Mouse and Minnie… and the third one is awaiting a new sweet name. 

We also started projects in the farm house.  After finding a leak, we were lucky to have amazing help moving things off the wall and ripping up the carpet.  I seriously hated that carpet.  It was cheap ugly apartment carpet.  So, we are going to try our hand at a home improvement DIY project and lay a wood floor.  This is our practice room as we will do this for our other bedrooms and living room as well.  There is no need for carpet when we have 4 dogs and 4 cats on the farm.  

Took in a new foster puppy for a bit.  Bentley is adorable but so feisty.  He loves to play and needs a place with a fenced in yard.  Man, that boy can run!!! I’m not sure what his breed is but I’m sure there is some Jack Russle and maybe Pug.  He has the cutest curly tail.  

Homemade tomato juice, pizza sauce, and jalapeno tomato spread was made during farmcation.   I did learn a bit about not putting a cold jar into a hot bath… that just doesn’t work.  I’m looking forward to making some pasta and/or chili with this juice.  The Hulk can make pizza on the grill with the sauce and it will be amazing! 

Foster cat Minnow is off to the shelter to find his furever home.  He was so lonely after his siblings left to get fixed.  He’s so happy to have them back in his life to play with.  There may be some more foster kitties in my future but I may take a break for a bit till we get through some farm projects.  

As much as I use to love traveling and I made Batman promise that we would take a trip to the ocean each year, I was ever so happy to stay at the farm and enjoy all the work, love, laughter,  and FUN.  Never did I ever think that I would be ok hiding on the hill, but this has been absolutely awesomesauce!!! 

May you find your awesomesauce… 💗   best farmcation, ever! Back to work tomorrow… 


Bringing life back to hobbies

When farm life is a secondary job it makes zero time for hobby fulfilment.  One thing I love to do is take pictures.  I love love love nature photos!  I look around my farm and see so many shots, angles, and lighting that could fill years of calendars.   Batman is always encouraging me to keep up my hobbies because without them I get a touch of anxiety…  I come from a long line of worry-warts.  For a while I was painting and many asked me for pictures… it then became a job and the passion left me for a bit. 

I picked up my camera this week to help the local shelter.  I took pictures of a few cats and dogs and sent them to the manager for her to do with them as she needed.  (Someone saw pictures of a dog named River on facebook and decided to foster to adopt her!!!)  This lit the fire and I decided to find the beauty through my lense on the farm.  The farm is surrounded with color, life, and breathtaking views. 

Pictured above is Einstein.  His female match is Alberta.   He’s such a beautiful creature.  He struts around the yard with his pal, Elvis (who’s female match is Priscilla).  He’s not the head honcho, but he is one of my favorites. You should see those feathers move when he shakes his head.  Seems he’s always thinking. 

Another of my favorites  (in the fancy bird division) is this guy.  I just call this one Pretty Boy.  I never see him getting dirty.  I’m not sure if that’s part of the White Lace Wyandotte breed, or if he is a germ-a-fobe chicken. 

The Toy was gifted to me as he did not fit in with his last flock.  We kept him separate for about a week till his aggression decreased a bit. I mean he was a beast at first, total butthead.  He tried to fight the top chicken in the yard (Paulie, the White Leghorn) through the fencing.  He sounds like a dog toy when getting squeezed, thus the name, The Toy.  He has not been a problem at all and loves to run around with the biggest adult chickens… little man syndrome. 

I find beauty in all of my flock and all of the other animals on and around the farm.  I hate when it rains, like today, and I’m stuck inside looking at the farm through the windows… but it’s still an amazing view! 

May you find beauty and creativity.  💗💗💗  Cheers to a revived hobby.