All you need is HAY 🎶

Because you know it’s all about that HAY ’bout the hay…  🎶  (and friends along the way).

When you have a house full of rabbits, you must have enough hay to last.  While we feed the rabbits pellet food and veggies, 90% of their diet is hay and fresh cut grass from the yard. 

It pays to have a friend that has lots of veggie scraps.  These rabbits reap the benefits. It also pays to have a friend who needed to lessen the load of square bales of hay from their farm.  The small town commeradery is what keeps me smiling.  It is all about taking care of each other.   

Once we picked up the two truck loads of hay we needed a place to store it from the rain.  Nothing like doing things backwards.  Most people have a location and then get the hay… that’s just not the Overman way.  

We did have a plan of action… but it was a creation as we went along.  I had thoughts in my head and Batman had his own thoughts… most of the time he came around to my way of thinking. 😉  We pulled through and was able to get the project completed in just one weekend.  Friends of ours popped over with some grub for the pigs and pitched in to help with the siding.  The metal was another donation to the farm from a farmer friend that tore down his shed.  💗

While the door to the loose hay is not quite perfect, it matches the farm amazingly.  

Another gift to us was a square fence that a friend used for his beagles.  He made his wife happy getting it out of the yard as it sat empty and our rabbits are ever so happy to have a yard to play in. Now they can play outside and have the house to get out of the rain.  

 The chickens seem to like the hay too… Easter eggers found a perfect spot to lay eggs. Gotta use the tip toes to reach… 

The farm is beautifully not perfect and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  This farm is a reflection of us… it is perfect and beautiful and awesome.  The farm is our little slice heaven .


Making it all work… together. 

We decided to start our farm in order to raise healthy food.  We started with chicken, moved into rabbit, jumped into pigs, and help with cattle.  It’s been a blessing (in disguise sometimes) to live the life we lead.  I have my best friend beside me to work through the decisions on what to build and how to create the the life we want… growth is important but so is keeping grounded. 

Having a full time job and then coming home to have more hours of work during the week gets to be crazy long days. The weekends tend to have multiple projects and farm sustainment cleaning that cannot go undone. This makes for time away from the farm very difficult.  Vacations are taken separately or we beg people to come visit us instead of us visiting them.  Date nights become something of the past… hell, we haven’t even been fishing yet this year and it’s the end of June.
What we do have is time together.  Sure, we may not be living the beach dream or traveling the world, but we are TOGETHER.  After so much time being apart in our years as a military family, the blessings come knowing separation is not right around the corner.  We are living our dream of being together and making the life for us that we want.  I was always told that when we finally settled in a location it would be hard not to want to pick up and go again in 2 to 3 years.  They were so very wrong. We are OVER moving. DONE!

We want to be as self sufficient as possible while supporting local community mom and pop shops.  We grow as much as we can with the fulfillment that we are eating non-antibiotic meats and simply grown veggies. The eggs are awesome!!! Love those fresh eggs!!!

We purchase our goods from locals because we know they depend on the local shopping to put food on their table for their families.  We live in a small town and we are proud to buy local!  Sure, it may be a bit more costly, but it makes my heart swell… I smile every time we leave our feed store (our feed guy is so very funny) and love eating at our favorite corner kitchen (Nona’s Kitchen is so amazing!). We have made so many friends in our small town.  Love our small town living… more than I thought I ever would. 

Farming is not always fun and it is never easy. I have the best partner to live this adventure.  

I 💗 my Batman.