Reflection and growth…

Time has a way of taking us away, pushing us along, and flying by.  It’s important to do a bit if self reflection in order to grow. Today, I’ve had a chance to slow down a do a bit of farm reflection. 

We started our farm with a dream, a dream that came true now that we are settling and Batman is ready to retire from the military in a couple of years.  The beginning of the Overman Farm has had learning curves, laughter, and loads of smiles.  It’s really our dream coming true.  Things are coming together nicely…. trying to get one more year out of the rider hasn’t been fun, but it will make it one more year.  (Fingers crossed). Finding a pile of junk under a burn pile… well, that’s not going to be fun to clean up… but we did laugh when we found a toilet and a sink.  

I find relaxation, fulfillment, and joy in watching the babies grow up on the farm.  I take lots of pictures and share what I learn through each experience that we have.  Chicken, turkey, rabbits, cow, pig, dogs, cats…. just love them all.  I encourage everyone to find fulfillment and share experiences with friend and family.  My motto: Find beauty every day.

There is always a beginning of a story… make sure your beginning is not the end… continue to grow.