Unexpected blessings

Farm chores kinda suck during the winter… it’s cold, wet, windy… one would rather be inside in the warmth of a fire than outside doing farm chores.  When you have a good weekend with warm weather in February, what is one to do?  TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! Double blessing… extra help around the farm!  

The girls pictured above (Betty, Boop and Dotty) are happy to be in the outside hutch where they can stretch, run, and find some sun.  Took advantage of this weekend and did some movement of the rabbits in all of the hutches.  Before long we will have the rabbit colonies and they will have so much more room for activities.  πŸ°πŸ’™

The beautiful rabbit pictured above came to us due to an unfortunate event of her human family. (Photo bombed by Batman’s dog, Zip.) We were not looking to expand our rabbits during the winter, but she is a blessing.  She came to us pregnant… so right away I set out to make sure she knew she was safe and we were going to take care of her.  June is a sweetheart and has not been cross with me at all.  She will be a mommy in the next few days as we are already seeing pulled fur and haystache.  

June’s baby daddy is a gorgeous shades of grey rex rabbit.  Benny’s coat is amazingly silky.   He’s a great little dude and is enjoying his new digs. While they are in separate spaces now, they are right next to eachother.  He has his man cave, but she can still nag him through the wire.  A blessing to have available locations for these two at the Overman Farm. 🐰❀

A special blessing is having family come to help with the chores while Batman is away.  It’s always nice to have help while washing buckets, feeding critters, and taking care of the farm house chores. I think my city mother earned her muck boots. (So out of the ordinary for her.)  

Learn to spot the unexpected blessing and count them along the way.  πŸ°πŸ’›

πŸ’š The Overman Farmer’s


New year, growing farm…Β 

Here we go…. we have grown to 45 acres of land from a quaint 3 acres.  We have eggs in the incubator, rabbits have been bred, and plans for pigs in the near future.  What we can’t seem to agree on is what to call the farm…. ranch…. farm…. oh who knows???   I love my fowl and can’t wait to order guineas and turkey from the local hatchery.  For now,  we are hatching our own feather babies. πŸ”πŸ“

For a birthday gift Batman gave me a way to produce more chicks.  This brooder will hold up to 41 eggs.  I can’t wait to see the first babies hatch out of these beautiful eggs.  Time flies waiting for these little ones…. only takes 21 days. πŸ’™  We are ready… we transformed a cat case (the kind you see at Petsmart with the kitty’s for sale) into a brooder box. After researching the danger of a heat lamp, I’ve decided to go with an alternative heat source.  This plate heats but will not burn the chicks.  As they grow, we can raise the plate to accommodate size.  I only have one right now… another is on the way as the plates will only allow 20 chicks to huddle underneath and we will have a lot more than 20!  πŸ€—

Once the chicks are a just over a week, we will add chips to the floor.  Before long they will be hopping around trying to fly.  Some people say 6 weeks and they can go outside to the coop with the big girls.  I like to see how fast they developed before making that decision.  I normally wait at least 2 months.  It will be early April when these head out to the coop. 

One thing I have always had an issue with is messy water.  I found this idea on facebook and thought we would give it a try.  Batman was able to whip it up fairly quickly and then I fixed a hanger that I could easily get down to fill.  If this works out there will be much less of a mess.  I researched videos and the little ones will just know what to do to get the water.  So interesting to watch what instinct they have just after being born. 

Here’s to a growing farm… spring will bring us lots of farm babies.  We can’t wait!!! πŸ”πŸ“πŸ‡πŸ¦ƒπŸ₯πŸ·πŸ–