Farming surprises… 

This weekend was full of surprises.  First, we were able to put the baby turkeys and guineas in the yard.  As the guineas had learned how to fly around in my bathroom and into the toilet, we realized they needed a bigger space. Yeah… SURPRISE – “WE CAN FLY AT ONLY A COUPLE WEEKS OLD, now help me out of the toilet.”  

First, we had to baby-proof the cage outside. The birds are still really small and would be able to get through the chain link fencing. Chicken wire was hung over the 4 sides and the top.  Yeah, that was about as fun as you are thinking it was.  Stupid little zip ties… my fingers were cramping my the time we got it done. While we were working, we let the birds out to play.  They were having SO MUCH FUN! It was cute to watch them flying around and bumping into eachother.  The Hulk helped me build a perch for them by repurposing some old barn wood… it’s a mini version of what we created for the chickens. 

The next big surprise was the addition of 10 kits to our list of rabits.  Betty and Boop had their litters a day early.  (More than likely I just miscalculated the date.)  It was strange to see that all 10 kits were in the same basket.  That didn’t happen last time… they had the babies in separate boxes.  As we were worried that all 10 kits would try to suckle at the same time we made the decision to split up the babies.  I figured that the darker babies went with the darker rabit. Seemed logical, right?

After work today, we found the babies to be mixed up again in the litters.  I guess Betty and Boop decided which one belonged to them. All of the kits are doing wonderfully.  Their second night into the world they had to deal with major thunderstorm… I had to change the bedding because of the dampness.  The mom’s didn’t seem to mind at all.  Last litter for these girls had a kit dying almost every day until all 10 were gone.  This time all of them are still going strong on day 3.  This makes me so happy. 😆

Surprise thunderstorms often brings us inside to some fun things in the kitchen.  We were able to fill a bit of the cupboard with fresh foods from the garden: spicy salsa, stewed tomatoes with peppers, spaghetti sauce, pickled zucchini, pickled squash, dill pickles, and pickled okra.  The 10 eggs a day that we get from the hens came in handy too while we were in the mood to pickle things… buffalo pickled eggs and dill pickled eggs.  The eggs are perfect size for pickling when the hens first start laying as they are small… tiny little things.  

Farming has its ups and downs.  Farm chores in the rain is no fun.  Farming in the heat is not great either.  It’s been an adventure since day one and I continue to learn with everything that happens. It helps that I get to have my Batman as my sidekick.  Yeah, you read that right, I said Batman was a sidekick to Wonder Woman.  😉

I challenge you to keep your mind active… keep learning new things – continue to have new adventures  – strive to find new hobbies that make you happy and keep you healthy. 🌞🌻😆