Keeping busy

Farm chores can be a good therapy tool.  Keeping busy can be a necessary evil when waiting for words from family for a significant event.  This weekend was full of finishing projects that has been started a while back, fixing small things around the house and yard, and the normal daily farm chores. 

A project we had talked about doing for a while was to block off the AC units from the chickens. They have been hanging around the condensors because it pushes out air… lovely in this heat, but they do not need to huddle there and clog up the vents. 

Because of this project, we had to build something for the chickens to perch and play on. I do believe they are enjoying their new fun zone made from repurposed barn wood. My Batman did a great job. 

The girls have built in nesting boxes in the coop but they refuse to lay eggs in them.  They would rather sleep in them.  I have tried a few tricks to get them to use them but they would rather use the floor.  So this weekend we gathered creates to use them as nesting boxes.   So far so good.  We have a dozen hens and they are using two locations now instead of everyone lining up to use just one nest… like an assembly line. 

Looking forward to the guineas and turkeys growing large enough to go outside.  They are a couple weeks old now and making a huge mess!  Today I found the blonde turkey walking around in my bathroom… it hopped right out of the tub.  So happy the light was on so that I did not step on it.  The guineas do not look purple to me…..  Royal Purple and Lavender… not seeing it yet. 

The kits are enjoying life… they are spending more time out of the bedding than in it.  Hop hop hopping around… adventurous little things.  We are hoping to have two more batches of babies next weekend.  

Mowing in the heat is not my most favorite chore of the weekend but it’s something that needs to be done… one of those necessary evils, especially when it is forecasted to rain for the next week. 

Chickens, bunnies, gardening, mowing, cooking, cleaning, home repairs (sump pump repair is another story from this weekend… I love being homeowners!) can all be used for therapy in life.  
But it does not prepare you for getting a message that the funeral date has been set for the best man of your wedding almost 20 years ago.  I am going to need more chores to get through this emotional roller coaster of a week. 


Bunny Troubles

​So, this morning was pretty interesting, to say the least. 

I was checking on the kits this morning. Momma rabbit, Zelma, was sitting there watching what I was doing to ensure she approved.  Edith escaped… yep, just walked right out of the cage, easy peasy.  When I noticed she was gone she had already hopped two cages down and was as content as she could be just eating grass. I closed the cage and creeped twords her. She hopped around the yard a bit with me chasing her… if only this was on video! She went back to her cage but the door was shut. DAMN IT!  I opened the door but she ran away again. DAMN IT AGAIN! Luckily, Zelma has no desire to leave her babies.  I was able to leave the door open and chase Edith back into her cage without another escaped bunny.



Growth is necessary in so many ways.  Personal growth has been something I strive for daily in my life.  My personal growth in respect to transitioning to farm life in the last year has been SO MUCH FUN!!!  I have been able to find things in this new life for relaxation needs, recreational adventures, educational purposes (everyone should continue learning), spiritual desires (my own personal beliefs), and so much more. I share my pictures, video, and stories to share my personal growth.  Learning to love things in your life is sometimes harder than it sounds… but when one finally finds their happy place, sharing that becomes easy and necessary.  You can find your happy place!

Another regard to growth on the farm is actual growth of the farm.  We started our Missouri adventure with 2 cats, 2 dogs and a parrot.  Animal growth so far includes 3 more cats, 1 more dog, 15 chickens, 1 pig, 7 rabbits (+4 kits), 2 turkey chicks, 10 guinea fowl chicks, and a box of worms.  WE ARE NOT DONE!  Our land is expanding as well.  With that we look forward to more pigs, horses, and cattle. OMG! For real farming!!! I LOVE IT!

Next on the agenda…. machinery growth.  Yep, just wait till you see me on a big green tractor! 🎵🎵 (not sure what color it will be, ha!)  Shopping for tractors is like shopping for a vehicle. Holy cow Batman!  It’s going to take some research… might find myself at auctions or farm trades.  Another adventure! Love it!

I challenge you to continuous personal growth.  I challenge you to find your happy place.  I challenge you to learn to slow down and enjoy life.  Look around you…. it’s there.


My farm house on the hill

Seriously cannot tell you how much I love my farm house on the hill.  I love coming home every evening and hate going to work during the week (even though I love the folks I work with).  I truly believe I was meant to be a farm girl. 

Today was not completely an amazing day of farm adventures.   When I went out to feed and water the rabbits, I noticed that the hutch to one of the cages was open and a female was missing.  I was devastated butbut only for a short time,  thank goodness.  My “other dad,” who is here visiting, seen Ms Betty in the middle of the yard chomping on some grass and this lead to a hunt…  it took 4 adults to get her into the chicken coop (interrupting their evening) just to corner the furball.  
After making sure the dogs were inside, we were able to maneuver Ms Betty around the barn a few times till she went into the chicken coop.   Once in the outdoor section of the coop, I poked my head through the entrance so she would be able to get inside… essentially blocking the path.  The Hulk came into the coop on tge outside to try and corner her in the run while Batman was his backup.  Thank goodness for the wrestling stance as he was corning her and backing out of the run.  

All is well now as she is safe and sound back in her hitch with Ms Boop eho immediately started helping hwr clean up.  Hopefully she will have another litter in about 3.5 weeks. 

Today was full of fun (for my mommy is visiting on her birthday), adventure, and beauty.  As I sit here and listen to the birds, crickets, and frogs…. well, I am reminded of just how amazing my house on the hill really is.  I love my farm chores (even in the rain like tonight with The Hulk).  I love the responsibility of the animals.  I love the fresh food…  like the first batch of pico de gallo that was made for my office birthday party. 

Remember…. take the time to cherish your moments. It is more necessary than you know.